Innovation and Trace-Elliot team – How they stand different

Man and Van in West London


Moving can be a very emotional thing for people today and if affects them deeply if they move from one country to another country. if you are moving from city to city then that should not be much of a problem but to handle logistics is a very tedious process and we will also not have the time to put things in the right boxes. Trace-Elliot is changing the perceptions of the people about how they move stuff from house to house, student to student and even city to city by providing comprehensive services and quality products for added protection and safety.

How are they innovating

Trace-Elliot is one of those companies looking to be the best in the man and van segment. The moving and shifting industry is looking towards better competition and people today look towards those who offer good value for money without charging any taxes. Thankfully Trace-Elliot looks towards providing competitive prices which are not charged with penalties if payments are missed and ensuring efficient service. Discussed here is how they are changing the moving game and the services they provide help us in moving easily.


Full London coverage

By having full London coverage, they have the full experience of tackling full experiences and thousands of relocations meaning that small and big projects will be a freeze and the relocation will happen in a timely manner. Having a wide city coverage will benefit them as they improve their reputation and reliability. Especially in the man and van segment in west London, they have quite a reputation.

Wide range of services

They have a wide range of services to serve various situations such as
Home relocations
Office and student removals
Purchase transportations
Single item relocations
Movement of special objects (art, antiques, musical instruments)

Large field of vehicles

They have a varied range of vehicles which come with varied ranges of hauling capacity and are equipped with GPS (global positioning system) and safety gear to ensure that the moving is done in a safe and efficient manner. Vehicles range from small, medium and large sizes for different haulages.

Competitive prices

They price their moving based on the number of movers and the duration of the day/night it takes to move. Also considered is the vehicle taken such as a large van and small van.

Storage facility

In the case of any delay during delivery or even the case that the goods cannot be delivered that day then they are stored in their storage depot which is continuously monitored and under security surveillance. It is completely up to the customer for what they want to store and there are specific boxes to serve those purposes. Although items which are temperature sensitive and have an expiration date are not welcome in their lockers as they can cause a problem In case a customer is not to be found.


In terms of security, the company ensures that nothing gets lost as each customer is assigned one vehicle which is then tracked by the company with a special number.
This is to ensure no criminal activities are done and everything is under control and watched by the company.


Yes, Trace-Elliot is one of those companies which possesses the skills and packages to satisfy customers. Along with its competitive pricing and staff, the services it looks to provide are very well beyond excellent and is recommendable to every customer who wishes to shift inside London.


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