How neighbors can affect the value of your home during the selling

Do you have your home in perfect condition and are ready advertise it for sale? It may be in a strategic location but remain in the market for a while. The problem may be the little things you barely take notice of, such as the neighbors. When a buyer is hunting for a house, one of the things that they focus on is the surrounding. Neighbors can influence the decision of a potential buyer since everyone wants to reside in a peaceful environment. Let us look at how neighbors can affect the value of your home and what you can do about it.

You may have a beautiful landscape, but overgrown grass and dead scrubs on your neighbor’s compound can put off a potential homebuyer. This happens mostly if the prospective buyer has young kids since it is hard to restrict them from playing on such grounds. When you put your home for sale and work on your landscape, you can talk to the neighbor and ask them to do the same. A good neighbor will not mind doing what is right since it enhances the safety of everyone.

High noise levels in the neighborhood can also make it hard for your home to sell. Prospective buyers like staying in calm and peaceful areas. Neighbors who play loud music can destroy the ambiance that you may try to convey to your special guests. If you have such neighbors, talk to them on more than one occasion.

Apart from noise pollution, air pollution is also a turn off to many. Some people detest living in areas with neighbors that smoke. Passive smoking is known to be more harmful than active smoking. Since most smokers tend to do it outside in their yards, this can put off people who are interested in buying your home. Sensitize your neighbor on the impact of smoking. This form of air pollution may not only affect your inability to sell the house but also the health of everyone, including the victim.

Pets running around from one yard to the next can also scare off buyers. If your neighbor has pets such as dogs, they should ensure that they stay in their yards for the safety of everyone. Though you may have decluttered you home and compound, no potential buyer is impressed by big toys such as all-terrain vehicles staying out in the open for weeks. Talk to your neighbor and encourage them to clear the driveway and store a car in the garage so that you don’t lose some points in aesthetics.

Since first-time impressions are everything, you can help boost the appearance of your home and that of your neighbors’ exterior. For instance, when you repaint your exterior to improve curb appeal, leave your painter’s card on your neighbor’s doorstep. This will encourage them to do something about their painting job. As you sensitize your neighbor on such issues, you should also look for ways to help you sell your home fast. Work with FSBOhomes real estate to help you get numerous potential buyers. All the best!