A Company database: Why it’s important to clean and maintain it

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A Company’s Database

A company database may include information of its employees, customers, financial records, deals. For example, places database is used by customers for marketing their products and services in a specific country, state or city. It is a complete source of poi/places data lists.

What is Data Cleansing?

What if this places data is incorrect? What if the supplied products reach to a wrong address? It will cause huge loss to the company as well as an individual. For business purpose, the company needs accurate and up to date data of its clients as well as places.

No business can fuel without data. It enables the company to understand its customers better, build healthy business relations with them and improve its own profitability. Businesses and customers change their information, their address, email id, contact numbers, names and what not. So it’s very important for a company to keep itself updated about its customers’ information.

The solution of such problem is data cleansing. Data Cleansing or Scrubbing is a process of spotting and rectifying corrupt, imprecise, reprehensively formatted, duplicated records or data from a poi data. The irrelevant fragments of data are replaced, modulated or removed. The goal of data cleansing is to attain consistent, complete, accurate and uniform data. Precisely, it’s an effort to enhance the overall quality of data.

What is the importance and advantages of maintaining clean data?

The main glitch that a company faces is to maintain such a gigantic data. Unreliable, deficient and fallacious data means incorporating loss of customers and increment in cost of services. A lack of up to date and clear information can jeopardize those customer-supplier relationships the company has worked hard to maintain and keep.

Given below are the advantages of data cleansing-

1. Saves money- Almost everyone has heard of an old saying that “time is money” and this is applicable here too. Ever thought of the time it takes the employees to cleanse data? And avoiding it is even worse. It can result in loss of the company. In order to obtain peace of mind go for data cleaning.

2. Clean data replicate a positive message to customers- How would you feel if you receive an email from a company asking the correct spelling of your name or address? It’s annoying undoubtedly moreover it degrades the name of the company. Data cleansing correctly formats the data making it more useful and powerful.

3. Reduces the odds of complaints- The happier the customer is with a company’s services the more beneficial it is for the company. A happy client will always suggest the company’s name to others. In order to avoid complains it is better to use data cleansing.

4. Reduced possibility of spamming the customers- No company wants to spam their customers with repeated messages. Uncleansed data or repeated data entry might irritate the customer which may result in degrading the value of your company.

The conclusion is that bad data may affect many aspects of a company which you probably don’t want.


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